Know those friends who always give you the exact information needed to ace the exam? Our Finance Coaches are those friends! With decades of knowledge coupled with tried and tested investment pitches, our team has filtered and arrived at the precise formulae you need to make your money grow. We serve knowledge with patience, not judgment.

Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA®) from The CFA Institute and a Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) from GARP. Harsh is the knowledge force behind the company.

He started teaching CFA and FRM students during his early days and is an expert at breaking down difficult concepts with ease and clarity. As an investment advisor, he came across the immense lack of awareness among individuals about the basic concepts of money anagement and skills. He then started writing articles and taking workshops for different company employees, groups of doctors, college students, NGOs, women etc. to help improve the general financial literacy.

With this passion to financially empower people, he has successfully trained thousands over the past decade. He can be trusted with both your money and time. You will find his workshops not only learning intensive but also peppered with interesting anecdotes and experiences.

Over a cup of coffee, you will learn about his youthful days at the hostel, interesting news bytes from around the world and fun stories of his daughter's day at school.


Harsh Vardhan Dawar

Founder & Director


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Akruti Agarwal Iyer

Financial Coach

A Chartered Accountant with over 5 years of experience in the field of consulting, Akruti Agarwal has worked with the Big Fours in the financial world. Akruti has been recognised and listed in India's Top 100 women in Finance by AIWMI. She is a money wizard.

Over the years, she has conducted various workshops for women, young millennials, couples and corporate employees. Being a people’s person, her enthusiasm and relatable content makes money workshops seem super breezy.

She is the pen behind those simple yet interesting financial blogs for our website; and mind behind exciting content that features on our social media pages. She connects with our followers online and generates accessible financial awareness.

Over a cup of coffee, you will hear about her numerous travel stories, how hard it is to master the Tamil language, and her eternal love for Bollywood dance and movies!


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