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To help you execute your investment plan, we have a series of tie ups with multiple financial institutions. This allows you to get access to a wide range of products under a single roof and you need not have to juggle around with multiple distributors.

Wealth Café Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd is a AMFI registered ARN holder with ARN-78274 and is authorised to distribute the entire array of Mutual Funds in India.

To start your investment in Mutual Funds, reach out to us at to understand your requirements and do your basic one time mandatory KYC.

If you are an existing investor in Mutual Funds, we can perform a quick review of your invested funds and advise on the best funds to hold across the various categories of Debt, Equity and Hybrid Mutual Fund. Reach out to us at and we will get in touch with you.

At any given point of time, there are a number of Fixed Deposits and other Debt Instruments available for subscription at different tenures and interest rates. To ensure you have access to the the various debt products, we have financial tie ups with multiple Debt distribution agencies.

To understand the Deposit best suited for your requirement, reach out to us at and we will get in touch with you.

Wealth Cafe Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd is a SEBI registered Authorised Person (sub broker) of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd with NSE Registration AP0297087003 and BSE Registration AP0104460164562. To open a broking and demat account and start investing in stocks start your application here.

Please ensure you mention our Partner code WECA1200 before you start filling out the online form. For any queries, feel free to email us at

International diversification has become easy today with technology at your side. And given the nature and size of companies in the US Stock markets, you would want to own a part of these innovative companies. If you are interested in investing in US Stocks, you can check details of how to invest in US Equities here.

For any queries, feel free to email us at