Be a Fe-Money-ist


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“A woman’s best protection is the money of her own.” – Clare Boothe Luce

This workshop is a breakthrough in finances for 21st-century women. Designed around the broad existing spending behavior and specific individual patterns, this course will help you plan, manage and remodel your financial life.

Whether it is going for your favorite product on sale or renting a house, as a woman you make decisions involving money directly or indirectly, EVERY SINGLE DAY of your life. Like it or not, these decisions ultimately impact your store of wealth. (There’s no use trying to escape managing money). So might as well learn to make an informed choice, right?

This workshop will enable you to make the best financial choices and decisions for yourself. Once you have money management skills in your pocket, independence and agency will follow. For we know, creating wealth is a sure shot chance at personal freedom and equality.

What Is The Webinar About?

Things women do right and can do better

  • Savings & credit cards

Things women must do

  • Basics of Investments
  • Must have Insurances

Knowing your rights

  • Inheritances laws
  • Streedhan

Who Is Conducting The Webinar?

Akruti Agarwal

A Chartered Accountant with over 5 years of experience in the field of consulting, Akruti Agarwal has worked with the Big Fours in the financial world. Akruti has been recognized and listed in India’s Top 100 women in Finance by AIWMI. She is a money wizard.

Over the years, she has conducted various workshops for women, young millennials, couples, and corporate employees. Being a people’s person, her enthusiasm, relatable content, and on-point references will make money management seem super breezy for you.

What do you get :

A 12-week actionable emails post the webinar
Digital guide books and Investing tools to help them compute and know their investments.
Risk Profile Tool
Asset Allocation Tool
Wealth Cafe Investing Tool

Terms & conditions 

1. This is a paid webinar. One person can attend on one ticket
2. We shall share the link to the webinar 2 hours before the event.
3. We shall be sharing some tools and article references to keep you updated.
4. If you miss the event, no refund will be granted to you but you can use the credit against any other LIVE webinars.
5. Where for unforeseen reasons, Wealth Cafe cancels the event – refund would be issued to you or you could adjust it against any other LIVE events.