Early Money

Beginner's guide to Wealth creation and growth.

80% of single Indians save less than 10% of their monthly income. How much are you saving?

Do you dont know how to save and what to do with your savings?

You want to grow your money but do not know how to do it?

You do not understand the salary structure and TDS and other jargons that are being used by people around you?

Starting a career can be very exciting and challenging at the same time. Along with learning about the skills to be used at work place, you finally start making your own money. That first pay check and what do with it is always the most anxious part of the first job. 

Developing financial knowledge and right Money habits at the right time, it will help you to reap the maximum benefits of money growing. With a bit of self control, discipline and practical application of concepts learnt through us you will be able to achieve your goals faster and in a better manner.

Salary Structure & TDS

As a beginner, it is very important to understand your salary compensation structure (where you employed) and the taxes being deducted from same.Investing and spending to reduce your taxes legally is the first step towards financial growth.

Goal Setting

One has a lot of aspirations when they start working. Knowing how to set realistic financial goals and a plan to achieve those will help you get to them sooner.

Smart Spending Decisions

It is very common to fall prey to credit cards, personal loans, consumer loans and other financial apps to spend more than you can afford, falling into a vicious cycle. Learning to manage and control your expenses will lead to wealth generation.

Investment products & Tools

Being Indians we are taught to save since our childhood, converting that saving into investments is the trick of the wealthy magician. Learn about the tools, products and ways to invest your hard earned money in the right and effective manner.