The Workshop You Need To Get Started!

A basic workshop on money management and investing to help you get started!!. This workshop will help you make smarter money decisions with respect to your savings, investments & insurance needs. If your resolution for the year 2020 is to be wealthier, this workshop will work as a great start for you.

You may think that you don’t have any savings to start investing and you must wait to build a corpus. This attitude of waiting to create base wealth to invest will make you miss your chance of wealth creation. Don’t wait for too much to realize that if you would have started investing earlier you would have been a wealthier person today.

Kickstart your Investments is a workshop in which you will understand the basics of money management and learn how should you invest. You will know how to get started with your investments through this workshop.

We also conduct these workshops as an online LIVE class!


The workshop answers:

  • How do I start investing and take better care of my money?
  • Are there other investment options apart from Fixed Deposits?
  • What exactly is Equity & Debt and how can I invest in them?
  • Do I even need Insurance right now and which ones?
  • How do I discuss money with my parents?

Who should Attend the workshop?

Anyone who doesn't have a clue about money management, investing, insurances or anything to do with money and does not understand the complicated jargons must understand this workshop.

Key takeaways from the workshop:

  • The importance of starting early.
  • How your money compounds & grows.
  • Insurance is not for when you are older.
  • Emergency fund is the first step to secure long term investing.
  • Insurance is not Investments.
  • Nomination, wealth creation and financial freedom.


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"Now that I have this knowledge, I no longer feel completely out of my depth when it comes to my own finances, it's so great to feel like I'm in control of what happens to my own money."

Kokila Mohini Beri

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"As somone who never looked beyond Fixed deposits, this workshop opened a whole new world for me, and the concepts were broken down so well using fun examples!

Tanya Selena Joseph

Graphic Designer