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An Advance workshop for individuals who have invested their money and faced the challenges and uncertainties to PICK the RIGHT investments. You will learn about the tools to manage these challenges and make the best out of your own money

The workshop will involve teaching around financial parameters that one must focus on before making an Investing decision. The same will be taught using LIVE examples during the workshop

After this, you will not rely on articles which says ‘BEST Mutual Funds to Invest in’.Instead you would know what statistics and numbers to focus on to select the RIGHT one for you.While Investing, it is very important to know how to maximize your returns based on the risks you can bear and this workshop will help you to exactly achieve that.

  1. Various Investment options under Debt
  2. Tax impact on your Investments and ways to avoid it
  3. How can one TRADE via DEBT Mutual Funds and INVEST via EQUITY Mutual Funds
  4. Real Estate - Is it worth Investing in it?
  5. Identify your Risk profile and how to invest based on that.Correlation between Gold - Debt -
  6. Equity and how much should you invest in each asset class.
  7. When should you Sell to make the most of the Market and your Investments.

Who should attend:

This workshop is apt for those who have made investments either on their own or via an advisor. They have faced the volatility of the markets and now want to learn how to manage the same and PICK the right Investments to achieve financial freedom.

Key Takeaways from the workshop:

You will DESIGN your own Portfolio,


  • Live Analysis of your existing portfolio and actionables on the existing portfolio.
  • Snacks, Lunch, Tea will be provided
  • Stationary will also be provided.