Retire Rich

Helping the retirees live a financially easy life

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has reported that there will be over 600 million retirees in China and India by 2050.
88% of indians work in the unorganised sector and have no access to pension system. Further, there is limited access to retirement savings accounts and as wages and quality of life increases, expectations from retirement income will also grow. Wage growth is currently at 10% in India. Inspite of this, no retirement planning is done by Indians due to false sense of financial security.
If you are reaching your retirement or are retired, this workshop will help you understand how to manage your retirement corpus or a life without regular income. It is very important to understand the risks of the upcoming life and being prepare for the same. Our workshop will specifically focus on the following points for the retirees.

Insurance & Health

The biggest financial risk at the retirement age which can disrupt your planning is a health issue and we help you to understand the insurance that you have or must have to be prepared for the worst.

Investment planning

Money should be invested in low rish, good return products which will give your regular income over the period of time. Understanding your options and investing will help you to not give up the lifestyle you have maintained so far.

Secondary Income

Life beyond work can be a bit difficult for some, revisiting the options that you may have, finding the lost hobies and desires can also add to your monthly income.

Estate Planning

Still many Indians stay away from drafting will but knowing the procedure and ensuring that your wealth is passed on rightly to your heirs is a huge responsibility and we teach you that.