Every individual must know how to manage their own money and make the most of it. Wealth Cafe Capsule is a workshop for all financial needs of corporates for their team members.

Wealth Cafe Capsule is designed to meet your customised needs from the teachings of our workshops.

Where you are a company who just does not want to pay their employees but also help them become wealthy and manage their taxes well, you should consider this workshop.

Learnings from this workshop :

  • Save & manage your income better
  • Invest to plan for your taxes.
  • Understand your salary structure & its components
  • Various Investment Products & How to invest in them
  • Must have Basic Insurances
  • Setting up an Emergency Fund


There are 2 Modules of this workshop which can be customised to the company's needs:

  • 2-hour Capsule
  • Full Day Capsule


  • An activity book to help the trainees learn better
  • 12-week emailers.

Where you are interested in conducting our workshop for your team, do get in touch with us at 98886 03330.