Let’s brew some wealth together

Wealth Café is a unique financial advisory group that looks after the Personal Finance of Individuals as well as the Professional Finance of Businesses. No matter in what capacity you approach us as a client, we deliver the right advice at the right time for you to make the right money decisions and grow your wealth. To bring the wealth creation journey in sync with you, Wealth Café has a bouquet of offerings under different advisory segments.

Wealth Café
Financial Services Pvt Ltd

Wealth Café Financial Services Pvt Ltd (formerly 'Wealth Cafe Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd') is the financial education arm of the Wealth Café group. Started in 2010, our goal is to empower individuals with the right knowledge and tools to manage their finances and make the right money decisions.

Wealth Café
Investment Advisors

Wealth Café Investment Advisors a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA INA000002173), offers financial planning and wealth management services. Based onthe pillars of trust and knowledge, we have over a decade’s experience (having weathered two major market crashes) in managing and growing our clients’ wealth.

Wealth Café
Business Advisors Pvt Ltd

Wealth Café Business Advisors Pvt Ltd offers Business Finance services to entrepreneurs and Businesses. Our areas of expertise include Advisory, Accounting, Taxation, Payroll, Company Secretarial compliance and Management Reporting of business performance. Our award winning services (India’s Intuit Firm of the Future 2018) help businesses do better and accelerate their growth.

Wealth Café
Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd

Wealth Café Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd focuses on Capital Advisory for businesses. Key services offered include Business viability evaluation, Business Plan preparation, Business Valuation and raising Capital in the form of debt and equity. This segment acts as a lifeline to the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) that form the spineof Indian economy.

Wealth Café

Wealth Café Foundation is a Section 8 company that works towards spreading Financial Literacy, promoting Indian Art & Culture, protecting Environment and Social Welfare. Founded with an objective to set the wheels of change turning, 1% of the turnover of the Wealth Café group is committed towards the activities of the Foundation.


To serve the right financial advice at the right time
to help clients make the right money decisions and grow their wealth.


To be a trusted advisor in providing financial advice.


Our logo represents the new age advisors that we are.

We believe in bringing down complex financial problems to simple conversations, charting solutions over a cup of coffee. By being your go to friend and advisor, we want to take the journey with you while sharing many such cups of coffee.

The font in “Wealth Café” is a unique handwritten one that represents the personalised advice we offer and our quirky brave ways to explore uncharted territories for bringing home answers.

The colour gold is the colour of extravagance, wealth and riches. Growing your wealth is our ultimate goal.