Help your team members learn the important skill of growing their money. As you help them earn, help them also to learn how to grow their earnings. We conduct workshops for team members, clients and collaborators of companies. No team is too big or too small, and our workshop are tailor-made to fit your requirements! Our corporate training workshops are conducted both ONLINE and OFFLINE Let us help you celebrate important days with learnings on financial concepts and make money fun for your team!

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"Finance can be a dry subject for many, however on the contrary I and my colleagues found the session very engaging and informative. Akruti and Harsh simplify the concepts and make it easily palatable for those who are from non-finance background too. The depth of their knowledge and the ease with which they answer queries is truly commendable. Their workshops are highly recommended!"

Kastiru Gaur

CLP India

"Really liked the way you handled the event. It was perfect - the custom-made presentation, audience engagement as well as venue finalization.The best part is that these workshops are also followed-up with informative weekly emails that help brush upon the concepts and re-iterate the need to take informative decisions. Your previous experience really helped making the process simpler- wish to work with you again in the future :)"

Bharat Jain

Vested Finance Inc