Saving Calculator


Lumpsum investment

Amount that you have to invest in one go to achieve your goals. Lumpsum is advisable where you understand the asset class well and know how to manage the risk and return of investing in it. Lumpsum option works when you have a windfall gain like bonus, inheritance or are a business owner and received lumpsum money from any client of yours and want to invest it in one go to achieve your goals.

SIP Monthly (till maturity)

Regular monthly investments over the number of years you need to achieve your goals. Systematic Investment plans (SIPs) are usually made in mutual funds they are similar to investing in a recurring deposits as you are investing regularly in these funds. SIPs are a great way to invest consistently for people with a fixed pay each month as it ensures you are investing a fixed amount regulalrly.

You must gain control over your money or the lack of it
will forever control you.
- Dave Ramsey


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Now that you know what is the invetsment amount - get investing right away. Start with SIPs, it is easier to invest each month as it helps you build a corpus.

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Happy Investing !