A Money Workshop To Truly Empower You!

A workshop on financial planning and money management skills specially designed for today’s women. It is not just a lecture on asking the woman to stop spending and save!! It is a financial remodeling of your behavior with respect to your income, expenses, saving and investing. This workshop is about becoming financially independent and developing the ability to take bold but informed financial decisions. Whether we like it or not, we all have to take such decisions every single day, might as well learn about how to take them right!!

Developing good money management skills allows you to take things in your hand Having money gives you independence and power. Wealth creation is the road to true equality.

Researchers have proven the ability of women to take stay calm and make rational decisions in a stressful environment. Further, you do not easily get carried away by trends of the market. Basically, the innate nature of a woman makes them better at handling finance decisions compared to their male counterparts.

You got the ability girl. All you need is a way to learn to use it to your benefit!



This Workshop Answers :

  • Should I be involved in managing my finances or let my spouse/parents do it for me?
  • What are the various investment options for me?
  • What are my rights pre and post marriage under the laws prevalent in India?
  • Are there any health policies that can take care of women-specific health issues?
  • How should I get appropriate insurances for myself & my family?

Key Takeaways from the Workshop :

  • Emphasize the importance of financial planning for women.
  • Teach simple strategies to make most of the existing resources.
  • Expand the possibilities of investments beyond gold.
  • Equip women with the power to create wealth.
  • Insure your health, life and others from unexpected contigencies.



"The workshop helped me in understanding finances better and taught me basic things that we tend to ignore like goal setting and inflation. We work so hard for our money but take such little effort to understand or take care of it! It was like talking to friends rather than a formal workshop. Really enjoyed it. It is extremely important as a Women to know your Money and your Rights"

Stacy Samuel

Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi
Priyamvada Mangal

"The workshop demystified investments and money. It was really insightful. If you want to get smart with money, I'd totally recommend this workshop. We spend so much time, energy and effort into earning but not even a fraction of it into really thinking about how to manage what we are earning. From credit cards to mutual funds, we got an insight into how we can start using varied services to our benefit."

Priyamvada Mangal

Freelance Yoga Coach & Journalist