Honey & Money - Free Webinar

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Be it dating, live-in, or marriage. Money enters all kinds of relationships at some point or the other. Maybe making the most of your money feels like a mystery. Maybe you’re wondering, how does it disappear so quickly? Or how can you control your spending as a couple? The moment you have a +1, the boundaries of finance get a bit blurry and messy.

Very few couples are able to work out an efficient financial routine. Whereas most struggle to find a middle ground with money. Regardless of which category you fall in, we are here to help you out!

Learn the rules, game plans, and strategies with us to win a financially stable and wealthy future together!

How will this Webinar help you?

  • A process to manage your finances as a couple as well as an individual.
  • Learn to make most of your credit card spends
  • Ways to set a budget together
  • Understanding the importance of insurance as well as which ones to opt for
  • Learn to make most of your taxes as a couple and invest your tax effectively
  • You will learn to resolve your conflicts around goal setting and investing your money

That means you two will have more time for what you really enjoy and still build your wealth!

We have a few exciting giveaways as well!

  1. 6 excel tools to help you with your finances
  2. Money Date Card games
  3. 10-week guidebook on personal finance

We are very excited to see and meet you all there. 

“Money may not buy love, but fighting over it will bankrupt your relationship.”

— Michelle Singletary

Who Is Conducting The Webinar?

Akruti Agarwal

A Chartered Accountant with over 5 years of experience in the field of consulting, Akruti Agarwal has worked with the Big Fours in the financial world. Akruti has been recognized and listed in India's Top 100 women in Finance by AIWMI. She is a money wizard. Being a people person, her enthusiasm, relatable content, and on-point references will make money management seem super breezy for you.

About Wealth Cafe  

Wealth Café Financial Services came into being as an answer to your quest to understand money. We, at Wealth Café, make wealth creation a simple process. Through our courses, we will provide you with the right tools and the right knowledge to enhance your understanding of how money works and put yourself on a path to wealth creation. Watch this video to know more about Wealth Café Financial Services and what are the things we are doing to make money manageable for you.

Is it worth it?

Yes, this webinar is created to find a middle ground to make the most of your money. For happy finances make a happy couple! You will not only have the best finance coaches to initiate you on this journey together but also the kindest, patient, and non-judgmental people as trainers by your side.