NM 101: Maximise your Savings


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In this course, you will learn ways to make more money by learning how to put a process to your income and save regularly. Further, we shall teach about the three main ways which create a dent in your savings - Credit card, EMIs, and taxes. Where avoiding them is not the solution, we shall learn how to make the most of them to our benefit and find ways to maximize your saving.

Do remember, that saving your earnings is the FIRST stepping stone to your wealth creation. If you get this right, the next steps will be that much easier.

What will you get?

This course is the stepping stone to your money journey. It will explain how much you should save and why. Our financial coaches are all set to train you and help you begin your financial journey who will provide you with:

  • 10 financial concepts
  • 4 explanation videos
  • 1 DIY financial planning tool
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions
  • Unlimited views for 1 year
  • Discount on following courses
  • 30 days refund policy*

How to get cracking?

We will also provide you with a login ID and password to access this course. You can undertake the course via two ways:

  • From your laptop/PC (we recommend this for seamless learning)
  • From any other device (phone, tablet, ipad)