NM 103: Basics of Asset Classes


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In this course, you will learn how you can employ (Invest) your money across various asset classes. What are the various investment options you have, what factors you must consider before you invest in them, and why do you need a bit of everything to make a perfect portfolio smoothie for yourself. Investing is more than just looking at the return and putting your money in the highest-earning product, it is about understanding the product, its features, factors, variables, risk profile, and then taking an informed decision to invest in what and how much. This course is all about setting the base with learning about the Investment asset classes and what they do.

What will you get?

In this course, you will not only learn about the various asset class options available to you but also the features of each one of them. The trainers will provide you the following:

  •  4 hours of learning
  • 23 financial concepts
  • 10 explanation videos
  • 2 DIY Financial Tools
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions
  • Unlimited views
  • Discount on following courses
  • 30 days refund policy*

How to get cracking?

We will also provide you with a login ID and password to access this course. You can undertake the course via two ways:

  • From your laptop/PC (we recommend this for seamless learning)
  • From any other device (phone, tablet, ipad)