Financial Discipline

The problem in today’s world is that everyone puts their entire efforts in earning money. Both the partners work hard to satisfy family needs from the financial perspective. In doing so we are compromising on various aspects like health, parenting, reading books, spend time on self etc. We are so stressed out that we do not think of anything else. We have huge monthly saving to invest but we don’t plan and we are not sure where to invest. Most of the time the money lies ideal in saving accounts or they are made to invest in real estate by by non professionals. Or some bank agent sees their bank balance and manages to sell them a ULIP or some other high commission product in the name of their child's future. By the time we realise that we made a bad investment, we would have already lost a lot of money in these products.
                                                                      To be a winner, you have to put efforts into something!!
We all are so busy doing so many things that regular financial planning takes a back seat. Further, lack of knowledge and enough information delays it even more. People don’t realise the importance of financial discipline. You make money, but do not put efforts to make the money you have made to make more money for you. If you channelize your savings properly you can easily achieve your dreams. With financial planning, you can do goal-based planning and ensure that you live the quality of life you always desired, ensure your children's future, plan and retire early comfortably, spend time with your kids etc. Financial discipline also includes proper tax planning and timely tax filling. There are various benefits available for an individual under the income tax Act which are considered while preparing a financial plan. However, many people just invest for the purpose of tax savings and nothing more or less than that. This is not enough, you must get more discplined, define your goals, understand your savings, reduce your expenses and invest accordingly. The main purpose of this article is to encourage individuals to inculcate financial discipline. In our other articles, we have discussed about how to convert a financial discipline into gains by investing properly.
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