What are the Latest Post Office Interest Rates from April – June 2021? What are the latest Post Office interest rates on FDs, MIS, SCSS, NSC, KVP, PPF, and SSY Schemes?

Earlier the interest rates used to be announced yearly once. However, from 2016-17, the rate of interest will be fixed on a quarterly basis.

Below is the timetable for change in interest rates for all Post Office Savings Schemes.


As per the schedule, Government announced the interest rate applicable to all Post Office Savings Schemes from 1st April 2021 to 30th June 2021.

On 31st March 2021, Government notified the interest rates which shocked many as the reduction was very high. 

As of now, the latest post office interest rates April – June 2021 will remain the same and they are as below.


Let us see the trend of the pasty one year of Post Office Saving Schemes Interest Rates.


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