We always get messages on our social media handles about which platform should they use to invest in Mutual Funds. And the only platform that we always recommend is CAMS ONLINE!

In today's era, we have so many platforms to invest in a mutual fund, but with so many options comes a huge amount of confusion as well as complications!

What is CAMS?

CAMS stands for Computer Age Management Service. It is a SEBI-registered Registrar & Transfer (R&T) Agency that provides a single gateway to 17 CAMS serviced Mutual Funds.

While investing through this platform you don’t have to deal with multiple PINs, folio numbers and login IDs as this platform is easy and convenient to use. It also provides a consolidated view of Mutual Funds (which are serviced by CAMS) invested across platforms, demat accounts and others. 

So why do we recommend Cams online over other private platforms?

Despite offering a variety of services, CAMS is considered a safer platform as far as data privacy and transparency are concerned. It follows very stringent data policy measures to ensure your personal data is secured at the maximum level.

Also, since myCAMS is not a B2B partner, they do not market themselves nor do they promote any mutual fund schemes. However, the mutual fund mobile apps that are now trendy are more exposed to the mutual fund schemes that app owners are advertising/promoting through recommended portfolios or as top funds. In short, Cams online ain’t biased, nor would they sell any scheme in any manner.

How can an existing investor, invest through Cams Online?

I have invested in Mutual Funds through different platforms, how can I continue to invest in it through Cams online? 

  • Visit mycams.camsonline.com
  • Click on ‘New User’ to create a new user.
  • In the ‘New User Registration screen, click on Register under existing investor with cams.
  • Enter the registered email id and mobile number. Click on Submit.
    (On completion of the registration process, an alert confirming the same is displayed on the screen)

You will receive a confirmation email 

How can a First-time Investor Invest from CAMS? 

  • Visit mycams.camsonline.com
  • Click on ‘New User’ to create a new user.
  • In the ‘New User Registration screen, click on Register & Transact under First-time investor to Cam's service funds.

Now that you have registered, check your KYC status - go to https://camskra.com/ and provide your PAN details.  

If you have not completed your KYC, you need to complete your KYC registration before you start investing. Following are the documents required to complete your KYC process:

  1. Aadhar Card Soft Copy
  2. Pan Card Soft Copy
  3. Cancelled cheque along with your name on it.

The next step is to update your Bank Emandate!

Bank E Mandate is a standing instruction to a bank to debit your account on a periodic basis for a periodic transaction like Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) / Target Investment Plan (TIP). This process is entirely digital end-to-end with no involvement of any physical forms or signatures at any point of time, nor do you have to issue checks for SIPs each month. 

E-Mandate can be registered within 2-3 days and you can commence your SIP in less than 7 days unlike a wait of over 30 days in the alternate scenario. Therefore, the bank mandate plays an important role by making your investing experience simple and convenient.

However, before applying for the E-Mandate ensure that your PAN number is mapped to your bank. Also,  your PAN needs to be linked to your Aadhar; otherwise, the application could get rejected.

Steps to complete your Bank E Mandate process: 

  • Go to: https://mycams.camsonline.com/camsapp/mycamsemandate.aspx
  • You will get an OTP on your email as well as your phone number after you submit your Pan number and Email Id.
  • Once you enter the OTP, you get the ‘Register Emandate’ screen
  • Enter your bank details correctly
  • Next, the mandated amount should be filled (the maximum amount per transaction can be Rs 1 lakh). You can also choose the transaction period for which you want the mandate to be valid.

Wealth Cafe Advice:

Though other apps may look convenient or easy to use in comparison to Cams, however, it is important to note that this is a much safer platform contrary to the other private platforms. 

We hope you have understood how you can get started with Cams online. To learn more about Mutual Funds you can check out our course: NM 104: Basics of Mutual Funds

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