To add a biller in ICICI Bank for SIP payments, follow these simple steps:


STEP 1: Log in to your ICICI Bank account and select the "Payments & Transfer" tab from the homepage.

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STEP 2: Click on "Bill Payments" and then select "Pay New Bills."

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STEP 3: Choose the "Mutual Funds" option and select "BSE ISIP#" from the list of billers.

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STEP 4 : Enter the URN number and other required details, such as the registration date, full amount for auto-pay, and account number to be debited.

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STEP 5: Preview the confirmation and click on "Submit."

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STEP 6: Confirm the registration of the biller by entering the URN received on your registered mobile number.

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STEP 7: Enter the URN or OTP number received on your mobile number to confirm the biller registration.

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STEP 8: Once the biller is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation message.


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